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Pool renovations and construction projects are made up of delicate processes that require lots of experience working with pools. Our team at Estilo Pools goes above and beyond to build pools that our customers can be proud of. Whether you require full resplastering services, a fresh upgrade to surfaces and features, or a new pool altogether, our technicians are equipped to get the beautiful pool you deserve.

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The first-rate pool maintenance services we provide at Estilo Pools are both thorough and comprehensive. When we respond to home service calls and conduct maintenance checks, we make it our priority to assess your pool’s elements carefully and make all the necessary adjustments. On our maintenance checks, our technicians clean customers’ Polaris filters, filter cartridges, skimmers, and pool & spa baskets, as well as recharge their DE filters with DE powder. We also conduct complete pool inspections that include assessments of pumps, chlorinators, timers, chlorine levels, and more.

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“Excellent customer service and support for helping me to fix my pool. They go out of their way to order hard to get parts, and don't mind spending time to answer questions.”- David R.
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